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Mobile Network Based Solution For GSM/CDMA Network
We have dedicated R & D team for SMS Based provisioning solutions for GSM and CDMA Network. We have a proven track record which show our presence using following products.

SMS Based Activations System For Prepaid Subscriber.-
The manual processing of the activation of new mobile number takes lot of time as the request for activation from dealer/franchise to the mobile operator flow in manually via fax or other manual mechanism. The proposed software solution will enable the operator to execute activation of prepaid subs automatically without any manual intervention. As the process is automatic so the activation can be done in any time may be in holiday also.

Flexi Recharge System for Prepaid Subscriber.-
This is a Solution for recharging of prepaid subscriber of GSM, a parallel and alternate mechanism for recharging of prepaid subscriber via SMS.

SMS Based Group Messaging-
Group Messaging - The fastest, easiest and the most cost effective way to keep everyone informed at the same time. The Group messaging eliminate to send separate SMS/Voice calls to every person instead a single SMS would suffice when you wish to send some important message to a group. The message is sent to all the recipients at the same time via a single SMS. This System is a solution to meet the requirement of group messaging.
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