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Faq/ Sip Energy/ Power Saver

  1. What is Power Saver ?
    Ans) Power saver is a Device which keeps saving on your Electricity Bills every day.

  2. How does it work ?
    Ans) You simply have to plug & play and it starts working.

  3. What does the Energy Saver Do?
    Ans) Today whatever Electricity Bill we are paying for we are paying 20 to 30% for the wastage and not for the actual consumption. It stops the wastage thus saves your Electricity Bill and also it saves Electricity for nation.

  4. What is the capacity of this product ?
    Ans) It can save up to 3 KVA load.

  5. What is KVA ?
    Ans ) In each house the consumption of the tube light is 50 Watts, Fan is 100-150 Watts, Refrigerator is 250-500 Watts, Computer is 150-400 Watts, Air Conditioner is 2.5 KVA. (1000 Watts = 1 KVA).
    So you can calculate your total load in this manner.

  6. What is I have more than 3 KVA Load ?
    Ans) For each 3 KVA you can use 01 Power saver, that means if you have a load of 7 KVA you can use 02 Power savers. Use little lesser than the load you have.

  7. What are the products it does work with ?
    Ans) It works best with A/C, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Fan, Tube-Light, Exhaust Fans, Computers, Mixer Grinders.

  8. What are the products it does not work with ?
    Ans) If you have a Inverter more than 800 VA with CFL Bulb, The regular bulb, Heaters, Boilers, Iron, Hot water Geysers.

  9. What is the meaning of 60 days money back guarantee ?
    Ans) If your Electricity Bill does not reduce within 60 days (2 months) time frame than we refund your money back and take the product back provided you are not using with those products it does not work with.

  10. What is the Life of the product ?

    Ans) 100 Thousand Hrs (11 years)

  11. Whether the product is legal ?
    Ans) It is 100% legal government approved.

  12. Whether it should be switched on all the time ?
    Ans) Yes, it should be kept on all the time, but it should be switched of when all the other devices are switched off including the Refrigerator at home and at office while closing the office if you are switching off all the devices this should be switched of too.

  13. What if I have 4 A/C's in my office ?
    Ans ) If you have 4 A/C's in your office this means the the total load is 10KVA. You can use 03 Power Savers there.

  14. What are the various places it can be used at ?
    Ans) It can be used anywhere where there is consumption of Electricity.

  15. Where it should be plugged in ?
    Ans) It should be plugged in close to your Electric meter or close to your refrigerator.

  16. Whether this product can create problems to anyone ?
    Ans) Not it cannot. Its a very simple and a user friendly device which filters your Electricity and does not let wastage happen.

  17. What are the safety measures ?
    Ans ) Do not try to hamper or touch the 3 pin plug if the device is just removed from the socket as it may give you current. Always keep away from small children. Secondly do not try opening or tampering this device otherwise the warranty would be void.

1) Air -Conditioners 1) Inverters more than 800 VA
2) Refrigerators 2) CFL Bulb
3) Washing Machines 3) Regular Bulb
4) Vacuum Cleaners 4) Heaters
5) Fan 5) Boilers
6) Tube-Light 6) Electric Iron
7) Exhaust Fans 7) Hot Water Geysers.
8) Computers  
9) Mixer Grinders  

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