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GSM/CDMA Network Elements Installation, Commissioning

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Consulting, Advisory & Audit Services
Consulting, Advisiory & Audit Services
We help you achieve competitive advantage, which can be measured in terms of higher sales and profitability, optimization of assets and operational change.

SIP has been the "trusted advisor" to customers for over a decade and has provided vendor agnostic IT consulting to customers. With today's business requirements, networks have become a critical component of every business. The era of broadband and IP requires companies to leverage IT platforms not only to become more cost efficient, but also to ensure their competitive advantage.

SIP teams up with Corporate that are looking to differentiate themselves through a well thought out IT strategy, SIP consulting practice comprises of senior networking and communication experts with vast experience in the fields of consulting and technology. SIP provides consulting in the fields of advanced IP, advanced routing and switching, wireless and wireline networks, VoIP and IP telephony, Video conferencing and telepresence, security, MPLS and data centers. The company's consultancy scope usually includes network engineering, design and consolidation

SIP can audit your infrastructure to identify the area where enhancement and tweaking are possible. Small modification in many areas can lead to huge performance jumps leading to better. cost structure for your business. The SIP team combs trough your setup to pic out the element that are slowing down your system and processes, check for configuration issue that could be causing clashes and crashes, and identify the less-than-optimal systems. This helps you a get a complete picture on how you can enhance your infrastructure to deliver far more than it is doing currently.
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